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Saturday, April 18th 2015 @ Bender's (800 South Van Ness Ave. @ 19th St, San Francisco, CA) With No Alternative, Nasalrod, and Love Songs. $5, 21+, doors at 9pm, show at 10pm (over at 12:30am). Facebook Event


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Jun 4th 2014

Love Songs unique brand of hair metal (without the metal), now available for download on the wild, wild webs! Give us a click, would you?


Nov 15th 2012

Welcome Frank

Feb 27th 2012

From the ashes of what was once a proudly loud rock outfit of average height materializes a slightly shorter-haired iteration of Love Songs. To be frank, we found a new guy to replace the irreplaceable Jackson. His name is actually Frank and he is not only a shredder and a super nice guy with a formidable roster of ex-bands, but also a strong advocate for making this band a full-stack unit once again. He is an Italian from Jersey so you best just let him play his speed-picking rhythms and sweeping arpeggios while we resume our sissy-tinged version of rock. Allow us to once again ask, ARE YOU MOTHER FERS READY TO LIGHT ROCK???

Happy nude year, folks!

Jan 3rd 2012

If anyone is at a loss for how to spend their holiday gift cards might I suggest the new Love Songs record? It is chocked semi-full of riffs, bad words, and pictures of us pretending we have jobs. In a strange twist there is not one fart joke on the whole rekkid, but since it is only a 5-song EP maybe the next one will be only fart jokes and boner references.

Available for download at:

Or search any number of other online music stores because this record is internet-only. Thanks and may your 2012 be better than last, especially if last year was already awesome.

Love Songs Record Release

Nov 19th 2011

Holy Shaved Huevos (shuevos?) - Love Songs is playing AGAIN -- that is TWICE this year!!

Not only that but this is a RECORD RELEASE show for our new record aptly titled TIME OFF. It is almost like we're a band again!!

Love Songs triumphant return!

Mar 1st 2011

Followed by an immediate departure!

For those not in the know (or who don't read Spanish), Jackson has moved to Argentina.
Like, forever.
If Google Translator is correct he is also married.

pause to spit out drink

I also have it on good authority that he now wears patchouli and glow sticks. Gee, if only Jackson, international man of mystery, were around to dispute this rumor...

But wait, against all visa regulations and stipulations he IS returning to the Bay Area!
For a scant 10 days (or "40 burritos," using Jack's metrics) Jack will be stumbling in and around the greater San Francisco area, unprepared but willing to rock some highly-charged sexual ambiguity back into your lives! Come say Hi! Share a beer with him! Ask him all the questions you can think of and be thrilled and baffled by the creatively evasive answers you'll receive!


Sunday, March 13
Eli's Mile High Club
3629 Martin Luther King Jr. Way @ 37th St
Oakland, CA

Spinning Vinyl: D.J. WHAT'S HIS FUCK starts off the night

Show at 6 over by 11!!!

$6.00 Admission / 21+
VERY CHEAP Drink Special
Pool Table / Hot Food and Snacks / Full Bar
Eli's Mile High Club

PLEASE NOTE: Eli's Mile High Club is B.A.R.T. friendly and is located only 3 blocks from the MacArthur B.A.R.T. station. Last trains run from this station, in all directions, at 12:45am!

From The Vaults

Jan 4th 2011

In lieu of actually playing live here is a recording of us playing live. An unreleased track that is little more than a guitar lesson set to music, Blanco Nino promises to be over and done in one (1) minute. Recorded by Smurph at KZSU back in 2006.