Our last days in Germany

The next day we slept in as if we hadn’t slept in two days (which was essentially true).  Bradley, however, did not sleep at all and instead lied sleepless and frustrated, comforted only by the snoring and sleep-farting of his fellow bandmates.

craigums what happens next dirk
Dirk is not only a stand-up guy, he's also a devoted WHN? fan, which is how we met.
what happens next tattoo

The hours rolled slowly past us as we decompressed and enjoyed the almost creepy detachment of staying so far from anything.

winnert germany yard
winnert germany bikewinnert germany biking
winnert germany lake


maggie three-legged cat
The three-legged cat, Maggie.

The following morning Dirk and his wife, Uli, made a huge breakfast spread for us which, after the extended sleep, helped clear the final tugs of jet lag.

winnert, germany breakfast

Before long Jack and Seth bought a couple cases of beer and tore into them like so much Danish porn.

german beer
cases of german beer


drinking in the car
Hey, drinking in the car! You go, Seth!

Dirk warned that most Americans come to Germany and underestimate it’s beer’s potency, no matter how experienced of a drinker they are.  Jack paid no heed and proceeded to get drunk for the second time in 24 hours.  Like really, really, really drunk.  Like, puking and passing-out-in-dog-piss drunk.  That night we went to see Hallo Kwitten play and Jack was rejected 15 times. By only 4 girls.  But he wasn’t the only one at the show who was drunk, far from it. I think Dirk and Bradley and I were the only ones not drunk.

passed out in dog urine
jackson passed out
At least Jackson made it home.
canon powershot
Huzzah! Three cheers for the Canon PowerShot! These cameras are responsible for almost all of the following pictures and videos (excluding this one of course).

drunk skinheadMay 1.  Our first show was tonight, in Husum, Germany.  Hallo Kwitten opened up as Jack and Seth were opening up beer after beer.  The thing about touring Europe, and Germany in particular, is that venues and promoters almost always feed the bands dinner and beer.  While setting up this tour I answered “Whose is in your band and what do they eat?” with “1 vegan, 1 vegetarian, and 2 alcoholics.”  So far that seems to be working out well because Bradley got to eat vegan and Jack and Seth have been more than enjoying the open bar.

We sold one CD and gave away five.  Pretty standard.  A very very large skinhead (see above) came up to the merch table and told me how much he hates Nazis.  Not that I asked or anything. I gave him a sticker and assured him that is had “kleine Nazi.”  He didn’t like this much and so he reiterated just how vehemently he hated Nazis.  Jack then stepped in to straighten everything out by telling the guy I meant “keine Nazi.” ("Keine" apparently means 'no" so instead of telling the non-nazi our sticker had “no Nazi” I said it had only “a little Nazi.”

hallo kwitten
Hallo Kwitten

Day 4 of the tour was spent cruising around the city of Flensberg with Dirk.  We did some record shopping and pretzel eating but mostly we wandered the shopping district yelling out the small bit of German that we knew, namely “Moin!” (Hi).  Bradley pointed to every dog we passed and called it either kleine hund, mittelhund, or groß hund (small dog, medium dog, or big dog).  The dogs seemed just as confused as their owners.

the hose house
download video - 3.8mb


husum germany
Funny, though not as funny as the Ausfahrt sign


thatched rooves
Thatched rooves!
mustard plants
Endless fields of mustard plants!
more german beer
More beer for Jack and Seth!!
Those windmills across northern Europe don't look so big until you see one of the blades cruising down the autobahn.
Hey, what's that over there?
cases of german beer in the van

Day 5 and Bradley still hasn’t slept since we got here.  We had one last meal with Dirk and his family but we still couldn’t get Dirk to eat standing up.  “Fuck that American shit.” 

Since beer in Scandinavia was gonna be expensive Jack and Seth requested a stop on the way out of town. They bought 4 cases of beer (just short of the legal limit for cross-border transport) .  You have to admire their dedication. < next >