Mostly Stockholm, Mostly Thrash

legalization pot plants
We're not pot smokers but we are advocates for it's legalization.
And we are especially down with taking pictures of people wearing ski masks.

The singer for Nasum was a victim of this years’ tsunami.  It is interesting that this is the first person I’ve heard about from the underground community to die in the event.  Shortly after, Nasum won a Swedish Grammy-like award (OK, maybe they’re not so underground after all) and for the acceptance speech they said, “We were never ones to sit quietly so instead of a moment of silence for our singer let’s have a big hand for all the relief workers in Southeast Asia.”   Sad and tragic but worth noting.

drunken straight edger
The drunkest girl in the whole bar had two large sXe tattoos on her inner wrists. (seen here starting fights with people)

Spent the daylight hours wandering the streets of Stockholm taking obnoxious tourist pictures and saying Hello or Good-bye to everyone on the street.  It is an odd feeling for us to say Hello to people in Swedish because their “Hej” sounds just like our informal “Hey.”  Better still, Good-bye is “Hej-då”.  So you can say Hej to a person and draw it out long enough so that if they don’t acknowledge you you can just tack on a “då”.  “Hejjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj—” person walks by and ignores you “—då!”

Somehow Bradley has ended up in no less than 3 protests while visiting Sweden over the years.

protest in stockholm, sweden
I believe Seth was protesting the lack of coin-operated pay phones...
stockholm protest
...while Jackson was likely protesting the hour we had to wake up.
prastgatan in stockholm, sweden
Imagine living in a flat in this alley and needing to load in a couch.
tilted buildings in gamla stan
Can you tell how much this building is tipping over?

We showed up to the same club we played two days ago for the Sayyadina, Bruce Banner, Massgrav show.  It was way packed, with people waiting outside.  A couple old members of Bruce Banner I was looking forward to seeing never got it.  However, when we showed up the security saw us and escorted us right in, free of charge! The show was just awesome.   Sayyadina contained Andreas (old singer for Bruce Banner and ultra sweet guy) and my guitar hero Jön.  To elaborate on my appreciation for Jön go here (about ľ of the way down the page).   He recently quit drinking after finding himself downtown one night trying to stab people in the eye with a knife.  He hopped in a cab headed for the nearest psychiatric hospital and he’s now 4 months clean and healthy.  Got-damn Sayyadina rocked.

Bruce Banner in action
bruce banner bruce banner bruce banner
bruce banner bruce banner bruce banner
bruce banner bruce banner  
bruce banner <<< Cornelia, we have a special delivery from Christoffer >>> bruce banner
bruce banner video
download video - 1mb
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love songs on that ass
Jack, the consummate promoter
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