Finland and the Sex Ferry

Glam Rock is Alive And Well And Fruity In Finland
"Hello, My Tender"

hello my tender
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jackson water, craigums beer
Bizarro world, me drinking beer and Jack drinking water.
bradley, pori finland
Pori, Finland, pics by Antti Abduktio
pori finland pictures by antti abduktio
Check out that belly!
jackson on the big sausage
"Jack Riding a Big Sausage" (acrylic on canvas)
humppila, finland
...which begs the question, "Just who is Pila, and does she/he bake cookies?"
Dreaming the sweet dream of Pila's cookies
vehlu, helsinki, finland
My name is Vehlu, and I have a knife.
sex church in pori, finland
At least the church was upfront about its activities.
finnish landscape
And then the voice in the clouds said, "Go, go to the Sex Church."
tour paperwork
For the record, we were the "other" band.
flea market records
The Finns love their flea markets. And after these finds I love them too.

I was a bit nervous about playing the DIY Fest in Helsinki.† Musically we donít fall into the standard DIY fold, but I can assure you this is a DIY tour if ever there was one.† We are still booking this tour day by day.† Every day I spend, on average, an hour online emailing promoters and clubs and figuring out alternate driving routes and which cities are feasible to reach in a dayís drive and where that lands us for the next day and on and on.† Geez, I canít remember how it was before the internetÖ Anyway, I neednít worry about how we would go over because it went fine.† Hero Dishonest played and really, they were so good I didnít really care if we played, I was just glad to see them.† In my mind they are that good.

seth ahol
Ha, I just noticed that store in the background is called A HOL.
Hero Dishonest
hero dishonest
hero dishonest
hero dishonest
hero dishonest
hero dishonest
hero dishonest
I told people I wore those earmuffs so I could sleep back home, because of all the gunshots. No one questioned me.
hero dishonest
Even Mikko's solos use goofy chords!
hero dishonest live video
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seth dumping in helsinki, finland
Despite the language barrier there was much heckling and banter.  I made mention of the kiddie-sized toilets and sinks at the club (the venue was an old daycare) and a guy yelled back that it was because Finns always crawled to the bathroom anyway.
A German audience
A German audience (notice the drunk people sitting on the stage)
A Finnish audience
A Finnish audience (notice the drunk people on each other)
Here, in my van...
dirty windshield
love songs
love songs
love songs
love songs
love songs
appel and apelsin
It's like comparing Appels and Apelsin.
helsinki stitch shot
Helsinki - Click for fullsized picture
The Tunnel
tunnel video
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stockholm, sweden
Stockholm - click for fullsized picture

I have heard many stories of the ferry between Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden.† Bands have been riding the ferry for many years and they all tell the same story Ė itís a Sex Ferry.† For a very small price a person can get a room on the ferry in Helsinki and ride 17 hours to Stockholm and back.† Alcohol is cheap, the waters are international, and the party doesnít stop.† It is touted as being a floating rave.† Whatever, I was just keen on watching people have an embarrassingly debaucherous time while myself masturbating over the railing into the sea (it was, after all, the Sex Ferry).

sex ferry ride to sweden
Ready for the Sex Ferry, you betcha!
sex ferry note
sex ferry studs
Anytime we were in public on the Sex Ferry Seth became our little monkey pet.
sex ferry gambling
Under-aged gambling - this boat has everything!!
smoking can cause a slow and painful death
sex ferry losers
love songs rides the sex ferry video part one
download video - 5.4mb
love songs rides the sex ferry video part two
download video - 6.6mb

Despite the disappointing start of our Sex Ferry it turned out pretty damned fun, thanks to Essi, Meiju and Hanna.† And it also turned out there was a large party scene on the boat, way down in the lower decks (the cheap seats) where all the party passengers were teenagers, hanging out smoking and drinking and fucking in the hallways.† Somewhere around 5 or 6am I tried finding my way back to our room but had a very hard time.† I finally found an elevator I recognized and pushed the button.† The doors opened and a 16 year old kid with hair the shape of Darth Vaderís helmet was standing there in his underwear.† I stepped in and he gave me a nod.† I said, ďI canít find my room.Ē† He said ďThatís why Iím in here.Ē

The doors to my floor opened and there stood a line of security guards.† They pointed at my buddy and without a word he followed them down the hall.

sex ferry club
sex ferry club
sex ferry club
sex ferry club
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